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Premiership Photos Archive

2017 LED Lights

New LED lights installation on Courts 7 & 8, taking our number of courts under floodlights to 12.

PGRTC Lights 1

PGRTC Lights 1

Winter 2016

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:HotShots Boys Winter 2016

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 1 Boys Winter 2016

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Premier Boys Winter 2016

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 1 Mens Doubles Winter 2016

Summer 2015/16

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 1 Boys Summer 2015/16

Div 1 Boys Premiers 2015/16:Ben Wellington, Seth Henderson, Alex Haskell, Winton La

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 5 Boys Summer 2015/16

Div 5 Boys Premiers 2015/16:Connor Stevens, Liam Harding, Noah Goldie, Leon Karumandis, Luke Young

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 6 Girls Summer 2015/16

Div 6 Girls Premiers 2015/16:Lauren Young, Naomi Weston, Rafaella Georgiadou, Panagiota Georgiadou, Gabrielle Akele

Winter 2015

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 1 Girls Winter 2015

Div 1 Girls Winter Premiers 2015:Anh Bui, Jayne Hedger, Caitlyn Hedger, Danielle Quinlan

Summer 2014/15

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 1 Metro South Premiers 2014/15

Div 1 Men Metro South Premiers 2014/15:Josh Weston, Andy Groves, James Hunter, Rory Owen, Jamie Bulfon. Legends.

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 7 Men Premiers 2014/15

Div 7 Men Premiers 2014/15: Adarsh Jacob, Pierce Hynes,Corey Phillis, Clyde Fraser, Josh Thai.

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 5 Girls Premiers 2014/15

Div 5 Girls Premiers 2014/15:Charlotte Coombes, Lauren del Medico, Gretel Oliver, Anh Bui, Molly Ganley, Caitlyn Rule.

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 6 Boys Premiers 2014/15

Div 6 Boys Premiers 2014/15:Toby Fuller, Daniel Lipparelli, Luka Tesanovic, Zac Colby & Patrick Hewitt.

Summer 2014

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 2 Doubles Premiers Summer 2014

Div 2 Doubles Premiers Summer 2013/14:Lee, Chris, John, Pete, Dave, Lauren, Marie, Jodi, Kathryn.

Winter 2013

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 5 Ladies Premiers Winter 2013

Div 5 Ladies Premiers Winter 2013: Marie, Lauren, Sara, Jasmine and Kathryn.

Summer 2013

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 2 Junior Boys Premiers 2013

Div 2 Boys Premiers 2013: Aaron Foo, Mitchell Browne, Michael Gorey, Alex Haskell. Absent: Nick Kappos.

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Barby mate Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Div 1 Girls

Presentation Day 2013. Grantley Haskell, Formal Barby Wear.           Div 1 Girls, Runners up 2013.

Open Day August 2012

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Mr. PeeWee Tennis Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Marcus and Students

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Mr. PeeWee Tennis Tennis Clubs Adelaide

Channel 10 Weather Visit June 2012

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Jane Reilly and Friends Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Jane Reilly and Friends

2012 GDTA Presentation Night. Premiers Div 6 Men with Andy Groves, Division 1 Parsons Medallist (left)

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Hot Shots Girls Champ

Girls HotShots Tournament Winner 2012: Sam Haskell, with Marcus Wagstaff and Jeff Ramm

Tennis Clubs Adelaide:Staggy

Mens Singles Champion 2012: Jeremy Stagg

Memorial Drive Tennis Day November 2009


                                           The fans in the corporate boxes appreciating the action and hospitality.


Clubroom Renovations

Thanks to Liam from Softwoods for the great deal on the timber, to the builder Darren Martin from Scribe Carpentry & Construction 0404933229, and thanks to the club members volunteering their valuable time and energy to get this project over the line. Too many to mention here but you know who you are. Cheers!

Slugs On Tour, Jamestown Easter Tournament 2007

Members Area




Glamour match-up: McKenna v Groves.                                                                       A bit of sledging at the change of ends.



Hunter feeling the effects of the Jim Beam diet



The crowd goes wild.                    Magic in a reflective mood.


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